• Kenzo was born on 10/6/2013
  • He weighs 29 lbs
  • Ideal home:
    • in a suburb
    • with a strong, consistent leader, with plenty of Shiba experience, who will spend a significant effort in training (Kenzo is easily trainable)
    • with no children
    • we don't know how he interacts with cats
    • he should be the only dog

Kenzo – An Update

We received the following update from Kenzo’s foster family: Kenzo has some very good Shiba qualities and some very challenging Shiba qualities. He needs a strong, consistent leader who has time to work with him and bring out those good qualities more often. On the one hand, he is extremely intelligent and highly trainable. He […]

Say Hello to Kenzo

Kenzo is a 1 1/2 yr old sesame shiba who was joined NYCSR on Mar 29. Kenzo is a sweet boy who is enjoying having 2 girls to play fetch with in his new home. He’s already gotten to meet many of the neighbors on his walks around the neighborhood. We can’t wait to learn […]