Mojo’s October Update

A short and sweet update for Mojo!

Mojo’s Latest Update

Mojo is an incredible Shiba and quite a mellow fellow with a funny quirk. Read his latest update to find out how well he’s been and discover what his quirky behavior is!

Mojo’s Got His Mojo Back!

Now that Mojo’s medical condition is stabilizing, he is a very happy and sweet Shiba who is ready for his forever home. His home will need to be perfect and we are still searching for his ideal match.

Mojo’s February Update

Mojo had a rough couple of months but thanks to the efforts of his foster family, his diabetic condition is regulated now. He has been able to spend more time in his foster home and is coming out of his shell. Belly rubs and ear scritches are his favorite rewards for sitting through his insulin shots!

Our Foster Boy Mojo Is Very Sick

Mojo has a complicated case of diabetes. Over the last two months, his good days have become less frequent, and most recently he is spending more time in the hospital than he is at home.

Introducing Friendly, Energetic Mojo

Mojo is a nine year old male who is friendly, loving and energetic. Mojo loves to play with toys and to take long walks. He travels really well in a car too. He’s looking for a companion who will spend lots of time doing stuff with him – walking, playing, snuggling, training, etc.