• Takashi was born approximately 7/2011
  • He weighs 25.6 lbs
  • Ideal home:
    • either urban or suburban
    • people who can invest time strengthening his basic training
    • children over 12 yo
    • we don’t know how he interacts with cats
    • he gets along with certain dogs - would be best as only dog

Takashi – An Update

We received this update from Takashi’s fosters: Takashi is a great, adorable pup. Though he gets into trouble sometimes, he is impossible to not forgive. He is very affectionate and follows basic commands such as sit, down, stay, and go very well (his patience when we tell him to stay [most of the time] always […]

Here’s Takashi!

This cute boy is Takashi, a stray who found himself at the Manhattan AC&C. He was listed as 4 yrs old, but may be younger. He is sweet and loved being petted so much that when evaluated he almost fell over as he leaned in for more pets! He has had some training, knowing commands […]