Hello, Foxy!

This is 4 yr old Foxy who was transported yesterday to her foster home. Foxy is a sweetheart. She was friendly and excited when meeting a strange dog during her evaluation and is also good with cats. At 25 pounds, Foxy could stand to loose a few of them. We are happy to have her […]

We Have Another Zoey!

This is Zoey #2 who will be one yr old on June 6th. Zoey #2 is friendly, full of puppy energy & can be a little mouthy. Zoey #2 likes to go to the dog park where she will pick one dog out of a group to play with. Welcome Zoey #2! Keep checking for […]

Please Meet Rita

Look at this sweet little girl! Rita found herself at the Brooklyn AC&C when she was picked up as a stray. Rita is 1 year old and weighs only 16.6 lbs but probably could stand to gain a little. Rita is skittish until she feels comfortable with you. She enjoys playing with the other Shibas […]

An Update for Zoey!

We introduced Zoey into her new foster home earlier this month and have learned a lot about her personality in a week. She is a 6 years old Shiba who recently received a clean bill of health from the vet and weighs approximately 30 lbs. Zoey is best described as a cat in a dog’s […]

Introducing Stella

Stella will be 4 years old on August 28th. Stella’s temp foster mom said she is the friendliest Shiba she has seen. When first meeting you she will jump excitedly but then calms down. Stella is not good around farm animals but has lived with dogs. We can’t wait to hear more about this sweet […]

Introducing Zoey

Zoey is 6 years old. It takes her quite a while to warm up to new people but offering her treats helps her to relax. She likes playing fetch with a tennis ball and going for walks and we’ve heard she loves going for a run in the park with her foster mom. Welcome Zoey!

Peaches’ November Update

Princess Peaches is a homebody who loves giving attention as much as she does receiving. She is doing well in her foster home and is a mellow and healthy young Shiba.

Welcome Molle

We’re pleased to introduce Molle who is only 4 months old and 9 lbs.

Welcome Redd to NYCSR

Redd is a sweet bundle of energy who loves attention and belly rubs.

Dakota’s October Update

Dakota, our Queens girl, came to us as a stray and is thriving in her foster home! She has a lot of affection and love to share with the world and enjoys chasing after outdoor creatures!

Welcome Peaches and Griffin

Peaches and Griffin came to NYCSR from a military family who is being sent to Japan and can’t take their two Shibas with them.

Introducing Dakota

Dakota was recently found in Little Neck, Queens. Her finders searched extensively for her owners, but no one claimed Dakota. She’s in foster care and will be available for adoption soon.

Welcome Sweet Lisa!

Lisa is an approximately two year old Shiba mix who was taken as a stray to the Brooklyn AC&C. We don’t know much about her yet, but we hear she’s sweet and gives kisses.