• Zoey #1 was born approximately on 11/2009
  • Her current weight is 31 lbs
  • Ideal home:
    • a suburban environment is preferred or a quiet urban neighborhood
    • with people who understands she takes time to gain trust in new humans
    • children older than 12 yo
    • we don't know how she interacts with cats
    • OK with dogs she knows and respectful new dogs; she can react strongly to dogs when on a leash; she's not a fan of puppies

An Update for Zoey!

We introduced Zoey into her new foster home earlier this month and have learned a lot about her personality in a week. She is a 6 years old Shiba who recently received a clean bill of health from the vet and weighs approximately 30 lbs. Zoey is best described as a cat in a dog’s […]

Introducing Zoey

Zoey is 6 years old. It takes her quite a while to warm up to new people but offering her treats helps her to relax. She likes playing fetch with a tennis ball and going for walks and we’ve heard she loves going for a run in the park with her foster mom. Welcome Zoey!