Annabelle’s August Update

We are so excited to provide you with an update for Annabelle after living in her new foster home for a few months! As previously mentioned, Annabelle lived most of the first few years of her life in a puppy mill so we had a lot to learn about how well she will adjust to […]

Niko’s May Update

Niko has really been doing great with his foster mom! He is a typical male Shiba puppy who thrives on routine and structure but is lovable and sweet as well. Of course he will try to get away with anything and everything so a family would have to be ready for SHIBA PUPPY so he […]

Welcome Annabelle

This pretty girl is 3 yr old Annabelle. Annabelle found herself at a shelter after spending the first years of her life living in a puppymill. She is learning that she can trust people as well as how to walk on a leash. Her foster home is also working on housebreaking. She loves other animals […]

Please Meet Niko!

This adorable, sweet & happy boy is 10 month old Niko! Niko loves playing and will fetch a tennis ball. He does tend to be mouthy but is easily corrected and quick to learn commands especially if treats are involved. We look forward to updates on this cute boy!

Here is Jazzy

This pretty girl is 2 year old Jasmine; also known as Jazzy. Jazzy is a shy, timid Shiba. Her owner felt she would be happier in a calmer environment without children running around. Although children made her nervous, she does enjoy having another dog or kitty to play with. We are looking forward to hearing […]

Meet Sunami

This 8 month old pup is Sunami! Sunami lived with other dogs, tending to be the alpha. He is tense in new situations but otherwise full of puppy energy. He previously lived with a child and will need a patient owner or family willing to work on some training. Welcome Sunami! Written by JD How […]

Yoshi’s March Update

Yoshi has been settling into his foster home more and more as the weeks have gone on. We’re so excited and proud of the progress he has made and the work that his foster family has done. We have confirmed that Yoshi would of best in a calm, quiet & suburban home & area. He […]

Judo – Our Newest Foster

Our Director of Intake is thrilled to introduce Judo: This handsome boy is 12 yr old Judo! Once he gets to know you he loves getting attention. He does appear to have some diminished eyesight. Even though he is a senior boy, that will not keep him from attempting to escape. Judo has lived with […]

Sylvester – An Update

Sylvester has now settled in so nicely in his foster home. His foster dad reports that Sylvester “is incredibly friendly. He loves being petted by humans and is really well behaved.” In typical Shiba fashion, he can be aloof at times but enjoys playing fetch… a lot! He sometimes will go play fetch by himself […]

Meet Casper – The Friendly Shiba

This is 4 year old Casper! Casper is a sweet, friendly Shiba who “luvs” belly rubs and does well with children. He has lived with other dogs and has attended doggy day camp. He knows basic commands but does tend to jump up when meeting new people. We will share all we learn about Casper […]

Introducing Sylvester

A few weeks ago, 5 year old Sylvester was transported to his foster home. There was a new baby in Sylvester’s home which was making him anxious so his owners felt he would be better in a home without children. Sylvester mostly ignores well socialized dogs. He tends to be assertive – growling and becoming […]

Introducing Yoshi

Our Director of Intake introduces our newest foster: This is Yoshi who joined NYCSR yesterday. Yoshi is 5 years old and is very treat motivated and loves to play with toys, chase laser pointer & bugs. We heard he gave our volunteers who evaluated him kisses once he felt comfortable with them. He also does […]

Please meet Twister

This is 1 1/2 yr old Twister who was transported to a foster home yesterday. He found himself at a rescue when his family relocated and couldn’t take him. Twister likes to play chase and is treat motivated. Our volunteer drivers described Twister as SWEET! Stay tuned for more info on this cute boy! Follow […]

Kobe – An Update

Here’s what Kobe’s foster mom wrote about him: Kobe will melt your heart. He is a sweet, lovable dog who was almost 11 months old when he was placed with us, his foster family. It’s immediately evident that he can easily become overexcited and he indeed suffers from high anxiety. We assist him in overcoming […]

Bruno – An Update

Here’s an update on Bruno directly from his foster: Bruno is now crate trained, he eats breakfast and dinner in his crate, and if its treat time when all the dogs get a bone or a kong he also gets that in the crate as well (to prevent my bratty dog trying to steal everyone […]

Welcome back, Ronin!

We welcome back Ronin (formally known as Jester) into NYCSR’s care. Ronin was pulled from a Long Island shelter back in 2013 and adopted out to his fosters. Unfortunately, his owners recently had to surrender Ronin back to us after a series of changes in their living situation made it impossible to keep him. We […]

Welcome Charlie!

This is 4 1/2 year old Charlie (aka Bubba) who was transported Sunday to his foster home. Upon meeting Charlie, he is aloof and appreciates a little space until he feels comfortable with you. Charlie has environmental allergies which are controlled with medication. Charlie is ok with most other dogs but may growl at first […]

Introducing Brody

Brody was sprung from the Gloucester County Animal Shelter Saturday where he found himself after another dog injured Brody’s toe which required an amputation. Brody is a high energy, tail wagging, 3 yr old pinto boy, He will do a sit and down immediately for a treat. We will be sharing all we learn about […]

Bruno’s May Update

In the past month that Bruno has been in our foster care, we’ve learned that his personality matches that silly puppy face of his. Bruno is a young Shiba mix and approximately 30 lbs. His foster family, particularly foster mom, has bonded deeply with him and he gets along well with the other dogs in […]

Kobe’s May Update

Kobe is tall for his age and because of that people think that he is older but in reality, Kobe just turned one! When his foster family describes his personality, we can tell that Kobe is a really fun and lovable puppy who is just looking for his forever home! Puppy behavior always brings smiles to […]