• Kobe was born on 4/14/2014
  • He weighs 30 lbs
  • Ideal Adopter Profile
    • Location: peaceful home with calm energy in a quiet suburban/rural area with a backyard
    • People: will need people who are patient and willing to continue to work with him to further improve his anxiety, housebreaking and training
    • Children: ideally no children or much older very calm and respectful teens
    • Dogs: ideally should live with another friendly dog who also loves to play
    • Cats: we don't know how he interacts with cats
  • Kobe – An Update

    Here’s what Kobe’s foster mom wrote about him: Kobe will melt your heart. He is a sweet, lovable dog who was almost 11 months old when he was placed with us, his foster family. It’s immediately evident that he can easily become overexcited and he indeed suffers from high anxiety. We assist him in overcoming […]

    Kobe’s May Update

    Kobe is tall for his age and because of that people think that he is older but in reality, Kobe just turned one! When his foster family describes his personality, we can tell that Kobe is a really fun and lovable puppy who is just looking for his forever home! Puppy behavior always brings smiles to […]

    Meet Kobe

    Kobe is a Shiba/Jack Russell who will be one year old in April. When first meeting Kobe he warms up quickly, becoming playful but can be a little mouthy. He plays rough with other dogs and loud noises do tend to scare him. We welcome Kobe to NYCSR!