• Ronin was born approximately on 11/2009
  • He weighs 25 lbs
  • Ideal home:
    • either urban or suburban
    • people who can provide a consistent, understanding and firm environment. He's very sweet and loving but needs structure as he will test situations and needs to continue to learn that he can communicate about not getting his way in more positive ways.
    • older children - preferably older than 12 yo
    • where he can continue to learn to live with cats
    • preferably he’d be the only dog - he is selective as to which dog to like

Welcome back, Ronin!

We welcome back Ronin (formally known as Jester) into NYCSR’s care. Ronin was pulled from a Long Island shelter back in 2013 and adopted out to his fosters. Unfortunately, his owners recently had to surrender Ronin back to us after a series of changes in their living situation made it impossible to keep him. We […]