• Sylvester was born 10/17/2010
  • His weight is 17 lbs
  • Ideal home:
    • he can live either in a suburban or urban environment
    • people to play with him and love him unconditionally
    • will not be placed with small children; perhaps older children
    • he has not been tested with cats
    • he is fine with well socialized dogs

Sylvester – An Update

Sylvester has now settled in so nicely in his foster home. His foster dad reports that Sylvester “is incredibly friendly. He loves being petted by humans and is really well behaved.” In typical Shiba fashion, he can be aloof at times but enjoys playing fetch… a lot! He sometimes will go play fetch by himself […]

Introducing Sylvester

A few weeks ago, 5 year old Sylvester was transported to his foster home. There was a new baby in Sylvester’s home which was making him anxious so his owners felt he would be better in a home without children. Sylvester mostly ignores well socialized dogs. He tends to be assertive – growling and becoming […]