• Millie was born on 10/04/2015
  • She weighs 15 lbs
  • Ideal Adopter Profile
    • Location: suburban
    • People: people committed to providing her with necessary health support
    • Children: best with respectful children
    • Dogs: yes; both male and female
    • Cats: unknown

Millie Cardiologist Update

Millie went to the Cardiologist today for a re-evaluation of her congenital cardiac anomalies now that she is full grown and to assess whether surgery and anesthesia can be performed safely. For the most part, Millie’s cardiac condition has not changed. On the plus side based on this, Millie can be cleared to undergo a […]

Millie – An Update

Millie is doing great – she doesn’t know that there is anything wrong. She is pretty much house broken and crate training (although she does still carry one initially when going into her crate) and enjoys playing with most of her brothers and sisters. She is still very much a puppy and mouthy, but she […]

Millie’s Orthopedic Surgeon Visit

Millie’s foster family took her to see the orthopedic surgeon yesterday. He did several tests and reviewed her X-rays. With the severity of her deformities, it’s really hard for him to tell everything that is impacted. Her one leg has a disjointed hip and severe luxating patella. It’s also unclear exactly how curved the bones […]

Welcome Millie to NYCSR

Millie is a 5 1/2 month old cream puppy weighing about 10 pounds with the spirit of a much larger dog. This poor girl is the product of a puppy mill breeder and was born with congenital orthopedic issues. Fortunately, Millie doesn’t seem to know it and it doesn’t bother her right now. What we […]