Eggnog Update

Informational Update Eggnog is such a trooper.  He continues to respond well to chemotherapy with his blood test results approaching normal levels. His mobility has dramatically improved so we can tell he’s feeling better. With all the love and care he is receiving from his amazing foster family, he is enjoying walks in the park, play […]

Eulogy to Sheba

When ‘Rescue’ means ‘Hospice’. Sheba touched every heart she met and her story will forever remind us why our rescue efforts are so important. The final year of her life was one full of care, adoration, respect and love thanks entirely to the continuous efforts of our volunteers, two of them in particular. Sheba was […]

Introducing Eggnog

Eggnog is fighting cancer. We are doing all we can to help him in that fight. Eggnog was taken to NYC’s AC&C in Manhattan after being found in the street, severely overweight, not able to stand, with an infection on his belly and his back legs raw with urine stains. We had him transported to […]

Help Our Sweet Sheba!

This post is a plea to our Shiba loving public to allow Sheba to spend her last months with you. Sheba requires a home where she is able to receive her medication throughout the day and a yard to relieve herself. In the last 2 weeks or so her fosters have started to notice that […]

Please meet Miss Sheba

Sheba is a 12 yr young Shiba/Welsh Corgi mix who found herself at Manhattan AC&C when her owner died. Sheba was thrilled to get to her foster home, thanking her foster mom with kisses and laying on her lap. We look forward to learning more about our newest foster. Written by JD Adopt Sheba

Welcome Jada

A few weeks ago, 15 yr old Jada was transported to her foster home from the Brooklyn AC&C.

Welcome Vanilla

Fifteen year old Vanilla came into foster care from AC&C on Sunday. A gentle, soulful old lady, Vanilla deserves a home where she can retire comfortably.

Farewell Miss Rina

On December 8th, our Miss Rina crossed over the Rainbow Bridge while in her foster mom’s arms.

Farewell Sweet Lexi

Our sweet foster girl, Lexi, passed away after being rushed to the emergency vet a few weeks ago.

Rina’s November Update

Quick update on Rina’s progress since August. She is a well behaved Shiba with a healthy appetite. She would like for her foster family to think that cheese and hot dogs alone will sustain her nutritionally but luckily for us, her foster family knows better!

Lexi’s Continuing Transformation

Lexi has gained eight pounds since June, although she probably needs to gain another five pounds or so to be a healthy weight for her size. Her foster mom tells us that Lexi is very quiet and calm, but she is slowly coming out of her shell and showing more signs of affection. She’s recently learned to sit on command. They’re working on teaching her some other commands as well.

Rina’s August Update

Rina has been having some balance and weakness issues, head tilt, and not eating much. She has lost about one pound due to this and now weighs 19.2 lbs. She was at the vet recently for an inner ear infection for which she’s taking antibiotics. Rina was discovered to have vestibular disease, which is causing […]

Lexi’s July Update

Lexi has been flourishing in her foster home! Her foster mom has really been working hard at pampering her. Lexi is slowly gaining the weight that she desperately needs and her coat is noticeably softer already. While she still has a long way to go, her vet is also very happy with her progress so […]

Mikey’s July Update

Mikey is very sweet and relaxed. His foster family have been taking slightly shorter walks since the weather got so hot. But his personality still shines through! He loves walking into the lobbies of all of the apartment buildings in the neighborhood. They’re not sure why, maybe he likes lobbies. They probably have many interesting […]

Mystie’s July Update

Mystie is in the beginning stages of kidney disease. She has been having fecal and urinary incontinence. She remains shy/skittish/distrustful of strangers, although she is able to form bonds with caregivers with hard work and patience. She is sweet and curious. Due to Mystie’s age and severe arthritis, she cannot perform commands. Mystie is a […]

A Mikey Update

Mikey is still the sweetest, calmest, most low-maintenance dog ON THE PLANET. He likes going on slow leisurely walks and he loves ALL treats: cheddar, turkey, carrots, hot dog, Milkbones. He is calm and relaxed in new places. We took him to a friend’s apartment one evening and he was fine being in a new […]

Welcome Lexi – Female Shiba (Jindo? mix?) Found in Queens

Lexi is a 24 pound, tall and thin, reddish Shiba or Shiba mix female who was found in Bayside, Queens, on June 16, 2013.

Rina’s June Update

Rina has been with her foster family for months now and we at NYCSR have really fallen in love with her. Rina is a senior Shiba and has her senior moments but we find that this makes her more lovable. Rina has not changed much since her last update. She still weights approximately 20 lbs […]

Mikey’s May Update

Mikey is the star of his Brooklyn neighborhood. He enjoys sniffing everything during his leisurely walks and is very sweet around new people and children!

Mikey’s April Update

Mikey is doing as well as can be expected for a 10 year old dog! The vet says he’s slightly arthritic, but we have him on a daily glucosamine supplement. He has a cataract in his right eye. He may have some slight hearing loss, but maybe that’s just Shiba Inu selective attention! Mikey is […]