Remembered: Blossom, our senior sweetie

It is with a profound sadness that the NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. (NYCSR) has to announce the passing of one of our beloved foster dogs, the sweetest Shiba senior girl Blossom.  Blossom passed away very peacefully Saturday June 26th in the arms of people who loved her deeply.   Blossom came into the NYCSR foster program almost […]

Blossom’s April Update

Blossom went to the vet recently for a checkup and to get her heartworm pills and vaccines. The vet noticed that Blossom displayed some anxiousness and a few other behaviors that could be signs of old age. She is a senior and does nap a lot and sometimes seem unsure of what is going on, […]

Blossom’s Valentine’s Day Update

Blossom’s foster family gave us an update recently as to how she’s doing and the news is great! She’s more active on her daily walks and seems to be more energetic overall. She has a routine of walk, then meal, so she’s excited to eat after a nice stroll and then nap later in the […]

Blossom: Our Senior Sweetie

Blossom is staying with a temporary foster this week, while her regular foster mom is out of town. Temp foster Lily loves to make videos so we have video of Blossom now! Adopting a senior dog is truly rewarding and very different from adding a younger dog to your family. This article about adopting an […]

Blossom’s November update

Blossom has gained a little bit of weight. She’s a picky eater and grazes her food so it’s a slow process of getting her to a healthy weight. She seems to like Natural Balance and Wellness and will listen and learn for treats as her reward. Blossom is also getting better about walking down the […]

Introducing Blossom!

Denise, Blossom’s foster, told us that Blossom sometimes has a hard time getting up after she’s been napping for a little bit and is not a fan of going down the stairs. It may be because of the added shock and weight that is placed on her front legs and fear of falling. Blossom is […]