Lola: The Hardest Goodbye

One of the hardest truths about animal rescue is that for as many lives that we are able to assist in saving there are sadly some that are beyond our help. NYCSR has pledged to help every dog we possibly can, even those that, despite our best efforts, may not be re-homed. Over the course […]

Latest news on Lola

Molly, Lola’s foster mom, told us that Lola is improving slowly but not too much has changed in a month. Lola is still friendly but cautious and guarded when she meets people. She is curious though and has been warming up to strangers faster. It seems to be that Lola is slowly understanding that people […]

Latest on Lola

Lola has become more and more trusting, however, she still does not feel safe being picked up. She periodically soils when in her crate, but we’re trying to work on it. Lola has made excellent progress on commands such as come and stay. Lola continues to be shy around men, but is very comfortable around […]

The Latest News About Lola

Lola’s foster mom, Molly, has been working with her and let us know yesterday that there has been some amazing improvements. Over the past week Lola has stopped urinating in the house and has adapted to being crated. She’s also opening up and showing affection to her foster mom and friends. Lola went to work […]

Re-Introducing Lola

Lola is a 3 year old cream Shiba who was adopted from NYCSR in 2008, but has come back to us. Lola was a bit too much for her new family and needs a more experienced owner to help her blossom. She is a very high energy, but insecure dog. Lola is friendly but extremely […]

5/7 Lola Update

Lola’s foster father sent us an update on her progress: Lola is doing very well. In my personal opinion, she is definitely adoptable to the right owners. She is a very active dog, and therefore would need active owners. She has yet to have any accidents at home, and i leave her home out of […]

Lola's new digs

Lola recently moved to a new foster home, her foster dad Mike had this to say: She’s extremely friendly with people, but she’s pretty afraid of other dogs regardless of size if they make any sort of noise or advance. She really likes to jump on people, which we are working on. She’s gotten better […]

Lola Update

Lola’s foster mom, Jocelyn, says: Lola has been doing very well and is extremely sweet, although still a bit clingy and anxious. She is nervous meeting other dogs, but has not shown any aggression toward them. She LOVES people, strangers, everyone. She is more attached to Adam than me. I’m not sure if it’s me […]

Introducing Lola

Lola came to us on 3/26 and is not yet ready for adoption. Lola is a sweet Shiba mix (or Spitz mix or Husky mix) who was found as a stray in Brooklyn and taken to the AC&C. She’s healthy, up to date on all vaccinations, and spayed. Lola needs to be housebroken and leash […]