Mystie’s July Update

Mystie is in the beginning stages of kidney disease. She has been having fecal and urinary incontinence. She remains shy/skittish/distrustful of strangers, although she is able to form bonds with caregivers with hard work and patience. She is sweet and curious. Due to Mystie’s age and severe arthritis, she cannot perform commands. Mystie is a […]

An Update for Mystie

Mystie aka Maisy has started showing some more discomfort lately. Her arthritis seems to have flared up some this past month. She’s still taking her medicine and still seems to be very very happy, but she’s uncomfortable and we are crossing our fingers that this will pass. Her foster mom told us that Maisy is […]

Quick update for Mystie

Mystie aka Maisy is doing well wit her fosters. She still is timid around strangers and can become extremely anxious around new people in the house. Her foster is working with her and has friends stop by, goes for walks, and is continuing to expose Mystie to new people to help ease her uncertainty about […]

Mystie’s Latest Update

Mystie is very curious. She likes to go on walks and patrol the neighborhood. She is timid when meeting strangers and will hang back for a while and then start trying to follow them from a safe distance. She is always intrigued by new things that she encounters. Mystie is very mellow generally and likes […]

A Quick Update for Mystie

Mystie likes to respond to the name Maisy and according to her foster, that name is going to stick. For the past month Mystie has been taking a few trips to the vet due to some labored breathing and to see if a hot spot she had was healing up. She was examined and for […]

Mystie’s July Update

A short July update for our sweet senior girl Mystie.

Mystie’s June Update

Mystie has been placed into her permanent foster home and stays consistent in her mature personality while settling into her new environment.

Mystie’s April Update

A mellow lifestyle with long outdoor walks is what our foster Shiba, Mystie, desires and she is having a great time living with her foster family doing just that!

Mystie’s March Update

Mystie is progressing wonderfully in her temporary foster home which includes other Shibas and several cats. She has learned to trust the humans that she lives with and has shown to be an easy going mature Shiba who enjoys the quiet outdoor life.

Introducing Mystie

Meet Mystie who is a 13 -14 year old shiba mix surrendered to NYCSR because her owners are moving to a retirement village. Mystie is a sweet, smiley girl who is shy around new people. Mystie loves to be brushed and likes to play with balls but has trouble walking on non-carpetted and non-skid floors. […]