Farewell Miss Rina

On December 8th, our Miss Rina crossed over the Rainbow Bridge while in her foster mom’s arms.

Rina’s November Update

Quick update on Rina’s progress since August. She is a well behaved Shiba with a healthy appetite. She would like for her foster family to think that cheese and hot dogs alone will sustain her nutritionally but luckily for us, her foster family knows better!

Rina’s August Update

Rina has been having some balance and weakness issues, head tilt, and not eating much. She has lost about one pound due to this and now weighs 19.2 lbs. She was at the vet recently for an inner ear infection for which she’s taking antibiotics. Rina was discovered to have vestibular disease, which is causing […]

Rina’s June Update

Rina has been with her foster family for months now and we at NYCSR have really fallen in love with her. Rina is a senior Shiba and has her senior moments but we find that this makes her more lovable. Rina has not changed much since her last update. She still weights approximately 20 lbs […]

Rina’s April Update

Ms. Rina has been creating a wish list… one of those is unending pets and love. The other is a furever home. Her foster mom, Judy, told us that Rina has been about the same from last month – still cute, still affectionate, and still a sweet girl. Rina knows when it’s time for her […]

March Update for Rina

Rina has started shedding and is anticipating warmer weather. She’s been doing well, health-wise, a trip the vet showed that her kidney functions are now normal and she lost about 1/2 a pound. Rina has a cyst on her back but it isn’t anything to worry about. The great news is that Rina no longer […]

Rina Update

Rina is doing well, although her rear end appears to be getting weaker, causing her to lose balance at times. Yet, she still gets around ok, occasionally she will still run, such as when coming in from outside. Rina is happy, but not wanting as much physical touch as she used to. She doesn’t seek […]

A December Update for Rina

Rina is still a happy girl and still is vocal about her wants and desires. She lets her foster mom know when it’s time to go out, time for food, time for cuddles. Rina knows when it is time for her nightly walk before bed and howls, trots, and runs back and forth by her […]

Quick Update for Rina

Rina’s been having a good time with her foster family. She’s currently blowing coat and weighs in at 20 lbs. A recent visit to the vet told us that her kidney values have improved and overall doing well. Her foster mom told us that when Rina wants something she gets vocal: “time to go out” […]

Rina’s August Update

Rina’s foster mom has been taking great care of Rina. Not too much has changed, Rina gives kisses, wants to show love, and receive it, and loves to go for walks. Her back legs have gotten weaker but she still can’t wait to head out for a walk. In the evenings she plays with her […]

Rina’s June Update

Rina’s foster mom, Judy, told us that fostering Rina has been great. Rina is still affectionate, gives kisses, and overall seems very content. She’s an older dog and has a strong heart for her age. Recently, she developed stomach ulcers from her pain meds. Her arthritis seems to be under control and she gets around […]

Rina’s April Update

Rina has gained 2 lbs in the last month and her foster family has noticed she doesn’t seem to digest chicken very well. It gives her an upset stomach. Rina will be going to vet soon because she’s been limping a bit. Her foster family has also been doing some physical therapy with her to […]

Rina’s February Update

Rina is doing very well with her foster family and enjoys outings where she’s able to meet new people!

Rina’s New Year’s Update!

Rina had a great holiday season and celebrated the days like any shiba should – in a big warm fluffy bed! Rina is happy and has become quite affectionate. She gives kisses and is incredibly sweet according to her foster mom, Judy. Sometimes Rina is stubborn and sometimes she also does the Shiba 500 and […]

Rina’s December Update

Rina’s foster mom, Judy, told us recently that Rina’s fur is improving and growing in after her summer cut. She is looking healthier and fluffier, which is great, since winter is here. Rina is also comfortable with Judy and has become a very friendly and playful dog in the time she’s been fostered. Judy describes […]

Could Your New Family Member Be In This List?

Are you looking for a new Shiba companion? Check out these foster dogs for whom we are currently accepting adoption applications! Nicky – Nicky is a red female, 10 years old. She’s very shy but very loving and would do great in a home looking for a loving companion. Like most Shibas, Nicky is a […]

Rina Playing

Looks like Rina and her foster family are having a great time together:

Rina update

Rina’s been to the vet once and is in good health with a strong heart. She has two teeth that should come out (at least one is broken off and loose). She has what appears to be a fatty tumor which they could check out while dental is being done. It’s recommended that she start […]

Introducing Rina

Meet Rina who is a 12 yr old shiba looking for a new forever home. Her previous owner is going into assisted living and was unable to take her. She is a sweet, affectionate girl who loves to give kisses. Her owner said that Rina is great with children. True to her shiba nature, she […]