Remembering Rudy

We have not been touched by one little spirit in quite some time like Rudy. After a long fight, Rudy had begun to stop being… well, Rudy. He was no longer enjoying the wonderful routines that his foster parents had provided to him. Even the yummy homemade food was no longer tempting. After several vet […]

Rudy’s November Update

Rudy has been with our foster mom, Jen, for a month now and in that time he’s proven to be a sweet dog who gets along with all her dogs and is affectionate. He’s taking arthritis medication and has started a heartworm treatment because he tested positive for heartworm. Once the treatment is completed Rudy […]

October Update for Rudy

Rudy has been to doing very well. He’s starting to become comfortable in his new foster home and learning the layout by using his nose, touch, and hearing. It seems Rudy is not completely deaf, but he is definitely blind. His foster told us that he’s still stiff and it may be due to his […]

Introducing Rudy

Rudy (formerly known as Kira) is in his new foster home and has impressed his foster mom, Jen, with his sweet personality and good looks. He’s an older shiba and came from a shelter where he was scared and confused as to why he was there. We don’t have much information on Rudy other than […]