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To Meet or Adopt One of Our Foster Dogs

Please do not use this form to ask about how to meet or adopt one of our dogs. If you are contacting us about adopting a Shiba Inu, read about our adoption procedures and submit an adoption application. Meet and greets with foster dogs are ONLY scheduled after an adoption application has been submitted and approved.

If You Are Contacting Us About A Dog At NYC AC&C

Thank you for your concern. Rest assured that we already know about any Shiba or Shiba-mix at AC&C. We receive email directly from AC&C every day listing every new dog they have received. We follow-up on EVERY Shiba Inu and Shiba-mix that they receive and we try to take every dog into foster care that we feasibly can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ____ still available for adoption?
If you see the dog you are interested in listed under “NYCSR’s Current Foster Dogs” in the brown sidebar to the right, that dog is still available for adoption and applications are being accepted. If the dog is listed under “Adoption Pending” they are still in our care, but will be adopted shortly.

How can I meet _____?
Submit an adoption application. It is the ONLY way to meet one of our foster dogs.

Can you please call me?
We can, but if you want to be contacted SOON, email is better. If you want a volunteer to call you, please send an email or leave a voicemail explaining IN DETAIL what you need, so we know who should contact you. If you have questions about adopting, please read our adoption procedures. This will most likely answer your questions.

How To Contact Us

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Select your subject from the drop down and complete the form to send us an email. We are all volunteers working with a finite amount of time in each day. Email is, by far, the fastest way to reach us. Emails will be replied to BY EMAIL. Except for the rarest of circumstances, please do not expect a telephone call in reply to an email.

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