Courtesy Listings for Area Owners

The following dogs are listed as a courtesy and are not in the care of NYC Shiba Rescue. If you are interested in adopting a courtesy listed dog please follow the instructions in each listing for contacting the current owner or caretaker. All negotiations regarding the adoption will be carried out privately between you and the current owner/caretaker.

Since we cannot guarantee any listed Shiba, prospective owners are encouraged to obtain as much information as possible before adoption to determine if a particular dog is the right match for your particular circumstances and environment. Listing caretakers are also encouraged to gather as much information as possible regarding potential forever homes and are encouraged to use this generic adoption application to aid in that process.



Hi! I’m Maximus or Max as I prefer to be called. I’m 1.5 years old and am a slender 16 pounds of muscle – if I do say so myself. I am currently living with a nice woman who took me in after my original owners abandoned me. As much as I like it with her and her dog, she isn’t able to keep me forever. She really just wanted to make sure I was safe and cared for and didn’t have to spend any time in a cold shelter.

If I could pick my family, it would be one that has a furry brother or sister for me to play with because I really like to play! I’d also like some human companions of any age that would be willing to play catch with me and take me on hikes (but never off leash because its my nature to take off and chase anything I might see). I’ve heard of these things called cats, but I’ve never met one so I’m not sure if I will like them. I guess maybe if they aren’t too bossy I might learn to tolerate them.

My foster mom says I’m housebroken so I haven’t had to spend any time in a crate. I’m not sure how I’d like that crate thing, but I’m willing to try and learn. I do know some commands like sit, down, come, no and leave it. Some I’m better at than others, but if you teach me with some really good treats I’ll be happy to practice all day with you (hint hint).

If you’d like to talk to my foster more about adding me to your family please contact Blaine at or 732-599-7390.