Foster To Adopt

NYCSR’s adoption process has many steps and takes a long time to complete (we are all volunteers!). It takes even longer if none of our current foster dogs is a match to your family.

We have started a new path intended to make possible for a Shiba to be rescued sooner while also possibly expediting the adoption process: the Foster To Adopt program.

How It Works

Suppose there are no dogs currently available that are a good match to your environment. There are always dogs that need to be re-homed and we don’t always have a suitable foster home available. Based on your profile, we will make an effort to identify one in the waiting list that best matches your environment. Although you will not meet the dog, we will disclose all we know about the possible candidate. If you agree, you take the dog in as a foster.

If all goes well, when your foster dog becomes available for adoption, we’ll ask you if you want to take the leap and sign the adoption papers.

If, for any reason, you and the foster are not compatible, NYCSR will make every effort to move the dog into a more suitable home as quickly as possible. We just ask for your patience while we make arrangements.

In addition to helping save a Shiba, you get a chance to know more about the dog and learn whether this is to become a member of your family.

To learn more about NYCSR’s foster program, visit this page Please, take a moment to read it carefully and ask us if you have any question(s).

If this option is of interest, please fill the application Foster To Adopt