These are all dogs currently under our care, listed according to their status:


  • still haven’t found a good match
  • read their profiles and see if you could be the “perfect forever home”



In Foster-To-Adopt Homes

  • may be at their forever homes;
  • read about the foster-to-adopt program;
  • if the foster family decides this is not a good match, the dog will be then listed as available

Adoption Pending

  • a great matching family has already been found;
  • adoption is not final until the contract is signed;
  • in case the adoptions falls through, the dog will be then listed as available

Our foster dogs receive full veterinary care and any health issue is addressed as recommended by a doctor. They receive (or update) vaccines and are given heartworm and flea prevention treatments. Intact dogs are neutered/spayed as soon as possible after intake.

We evaluate temperament before accepting any dog. After the dog has settled into foster care another temperament evaluation is performed. Our fosters are tested with other dogs, people, kids, and, whenever possible, cats. If any unforeseen temperament issues are uncovered, we consult a professional trainer for advice. Socialization will continue throughout foster care and basic obedience will also be started or reinforced.

NYCSR discloses all medical and behavioral issues with potential adopters.

Profile Photo

Hi, my name is Lisa


I am a 8.5 year old Female


Lisa is looking for someone dog experienced, preferably Shiba savvy & those who are comfortable with special needs. Lisa has had a stroke since coming back into foster care. her amazing caretakers have ensured that she's happy, healthy and comfortable. she's close to being her old self. if you can give Lisa the love, patience and kindness she deserves, she will pay you back in devotion ten fold.


•I get along with some dogs - I'm selective with my doggy friends:)

•I have not been introduced to other cats yet

•Children scare me, I prefer adults

•I love all people, but I have boundaries. I need an owner who understands me

•A rural or quiet environment would work best for me