Steps To Surrender A Shiba

NYCSR is not a shelter. There is no physical location where one can bring a Shiba to. Shiba under our care live in foster homes until they find their forever-homes.

The intake process takes time because we need to find an available and suitable foster home. This is an overview of the process:

  • First, fill the contact form providing as much information as you can.
  • The Intake Director will then contact you and, depending on an initial assessment, ask that you fill a formal release document.
  • Based on the document you submitted, the board decides to conduct an evaluation of the Shiba.
  • With the profile built upon the information from the surrendering owner, the release form and the evaluation, if the board approves the Shiba for intake, NYCSR seeks a suitable foster home.
  • When a foster home is found, NYCSR finalizes the transfer.
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