NYCSR is NOT a shelter. Our dogs live with foster families until they find their forever-homes. There is no central location where one can come to volunteer at. Volunteers do not help with day-to-day care of dogs. A volunteer will not walk, feed or play with the dogs.

We have many volunteer opportunities, ranging from a couple hours per month to as much time as you would like to spend. Our entire organization is run by volunteers!

Volunteers can help with:

  • administrative work

  • email

  • phone calls

  • special event

  • transporting dogs

  • evaluating dogs

  • checking references

  • raising money

  • social media

  • and many other tasks

Even if you can’t commit to a specific task or number of hours per month, you could help save a dog’s life by evaluating a dog in a shelter waiting for rescue or by driving a leg of a transport. We send requests for help to our email announcement list.

To be added to the list of volunteers, simply complete a Volunteer Application. If you’re interested in doing more, just say so on the app and we’ll get back to you!

The Ultimate Volunteer… the Foster Home

We are always in need of loving, responsible foster homes for our dogs. Some of our fosters also have other volunteer responsibilities, but many simply foster. We can utilize foster homes with dogs, without dogs, with lots of dog experience, and with very little experience. Fostering is also a great way to get to know the breed if you are considering adopting. Please read all about our foster program and then apply to foster!

Anywhere, Any Time

When You Care About Something, Get Involved.

Most of our volunteers live in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. If you’re not local to us, you can still help out though. We have volunteers in several states, including some in the West Coast.

There are also lots of ways that you can volunteer to save dogs in your area.

  • Volunteer with a local rescue group. Provide a foster home if possible, conduct home visits, shelter dog evaluations, take part in transports, answer email, volunteer at events. Can’t do any of those things? MAKE A DONATION.
  • Getting a dog? Adopt a rescue. If you want to buy a puppy, take the time to research and buy from a reputable, responsible breeder.
  • Spay and neuter your pets.
  • Don’t support pet stores that sell dogs. EVER. (Don’t even buy your supplies there.)
  • Get involved in EDUCATING consumers about how to add a dog to the family.
  • Investigate your local and state politicians positions on pet ownership, breeding, breed-specific legislation, etc. and support the right people.
  • Have a car? Check out the numerous rescue transport groups and start volunteering to drive a leg of a rescue transport when you can. Help a dog get to safety. (Don’t have a car? MAKE A DONATION.)
  • Last, but not least, MAKE A DONATION. Rescue isn’t cheap and a lot of the people involved in rescue and transport are working hard to make ends meet. If you can’t donate your time, donate your cash, because they could sure use the help.